Friday, 11 May 2018

Kumara - Our Journey

Check out our Kumara journey, it started last year and we've just harvested them. 


  1. Kia ora, I'm Nalanee from Te Ropu Ngakaunui in gilberthorpe school. My favorite part was when you guys cooked and ate the Kumara.You taught me how to plant and cook kumara and it was really fun to read. Why did you pick to do this and why do you want to grow kumara and not a different veg.
    Blog you later. Bye.

  2. Kia ora this is Stephanie and I am from te ropu ngakaunui (the same as Nalanee's class, if you might be surprised I actually don't know what Kumara is, Maybe you could tell us what is Kumara (for kids in different countries) and I was always curious about it, is it a potato? I don't know, I've heard it in a hangi but I think it might be good. Nice post also,

  3. Hi i am Addison from te ropu ngkaunui and what you are doing looks so fun and so cool and so delishes and i wish i could do that.

  4. Kia ora Te Hiringa,
    I LOVE kumara! I have never grown my own kumara but after seeing your success I am quite keen to give it a try. Is there a particular time of the year that it is better to plant kumara? It's great that you all helped out every step of the way from planting to eating. YUM!


Thanks for your your positive, thoughtful, helpful korero.